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你知不知道在哪里可以买到最便宜的LV呢?今天揭秘竭诚为您服务。随着英镑汇率大跌一路引领全球买LV包竟然是最便宜的国家英国。 LV在五大城市,在英国有一个计数器,而伦敦LV的选择是最大的,最能看到的LV产品的最新名单。














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Bond Street LV store products is relatively not so complete, but the store looks very imposing appearance , you can still go to visit to visit , but there may just come across your favorite products Oh ! There is little this store is not open for business on Sunday .

Address : 160 New Bond Street, W1S 2UE, London

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Global lv bags cheapest country where - England

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